building material supply

Builders need building materials. Our company has a range of services dedicated to supply PRIMARY needs in building a projects. This is the basic suite of construction services that relates to the equipment, tools and machinery which used on site.

long term payment terms

With Al Al Sayed Saleh Al Hashmi Trading, we want it proper and convenient. We make a long term modes of payment. Such as it can be paid in a series of annual, semi-annual or monthly payment. It depends of what kind service or product you are up to.

Certification of the products

Ahmed Sayed Saleh Al Hashmi Trading exists to provide a quality construction material yet affordable to the consumers. We guaranteed that we meet the qualifying standards needed.

warehouses to rent on long term basis

Warehouses were a dominant part of the urban landscape from the start of the Industrial Revolution. Warehouse rental is also part of our wide range services but in long term basis.

fleet rentals

We help you to move forward. Ahmed Sayed Saleh Al Hashmi Fleet rental which literally helping you to move forward by means of renting vehicles to transport your products to other target markets.